Slovenia Company Formation


Since Slovenia’s independence in 1991, Slovenia’s balanced fiscal policies achieved a stable growth in their economy. Economic growth reached an all time high of 6.1% in 2007. The main sectors that contributed to this success were building and construction, Industrial, trade and financial services. Hence, with no surprise, Slovenia was the first of the 10 newcomers to the EU to be allowed to introduce the Euro in 2007, after becoming an EU-member in 2004.
Company formation in Slovenia for the d.o.o. has recently been simplified. On 1. February 2008 a so-called single access point (“VEM”) began to operate, aiming at lowering costs for the incorporation of the d.o.o. and providing a simplification of administrative procedures. In order to found a d.o.o., founders have to visit the VEM entry point in person, as the authorized person has to carry out their identification.

Taxation for Slovenian Company Formation

During the past years, the Slovene government has initialised many tax incentives and abolished payroll taxes. Further, Slovenia has concluded double taxation treaties with more than 40 countries.

Corporate income tax is levied on the taxable profit of private companies at a rate of 19% for the year 2017 , with  a special rate of 0% for investment funds, pension funds and insurance undertakings for pension plans under certain conditions.

Setting up a Slovenian company from abroad

Foreign investors are welcome in Slovenia, as companies with foreign capital, or owned by foreign entrepreneurs are considered Slovenian business entities, operating according to Slovenian regulations. They have the same rights and obligations as national companies. Also residents and non-residents may form a company, without restrictions on payments and transfers. Founding a company in Slovenia may be done from abroad only for branch registration, but every document needs to have an authorized translation in the Slovene language.

How long does it take to form a company in Slovenia?

The process is relatively short and simple, due to the new electronic registration procedure. Registering at the Slovenian Business Register, through E-VEM is completed in 4 to 6 days, while opening a bank account and obtaining a receipt should be finished within one day, depending on the schedule of the chosen bank. Registering at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia is a procedure attended simultaneously with the registration at the Slovenian Business Register, and it is finished in one day. Opening a company in Slovenia is completed in a little more over a week.

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