Tax Planning

Company incorporation and tax planning go hand in hand. Indeed, for many people, the main reason for opening a company abroad is to reduce the amount of tax that they pay.

If you live in a high-tax country but you open a company where there’s low or zero tax you may be able to attribute profits to that country – and therefore pay less tax!

However, tax planning is complex and the stakes are frequently high which is why successful tax planning is one of the fundamental services that offers to our clients.

European Tax Expertise

At we have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the tax regimes of each of the countries in which we operate and our advisors are experts on a number of key areas including:

  • Local tax regulations in the context of international best practice
  • Strategies for mitigating tax liability
  • Double taxation – and how to avoid it
  • The dangers of transfer pricing and related issues

Tax issues are frequently intricate and every business has its own unique circumstances, therefore the services that we provide are not “off the shelf” rather they are tailored to your exact business and taxation requirements. For this reason, in certain instances we may also recommend the services of one of our specialist tax planning partners. In these cases we are happy to deal with our partners on your behalf, or should you wish, just make the introduction.

For more information on how can help you to make the most of your tax planning in Europe please contact us.