We would like to say a big thank you to Kooshila and the team at ECF.

We have now used ECF on 2 occasions to form companies in Germany and Italy. Both times it was made very simple for us. We were updated at each step of the way and from start to finish the whole process was very quick.

We would definitely recommend ECF for anyone who needs help and advise on International company formation.

Andy Newell

The initial chat was an excellent and I felt at ease with the person I was dealing with.
I look forward to completing all the rest of my new beginnings of setting up a company in the Panama.

Jeff L. / Australia

I wanted to thank you personally, for your help in setting up the two companies we recently established through your company, Euro-Wide Company Formations Ltd. Even though this firm concentrates in international work and has done business in Europe and the Americas this was our first experience with establishing a company in Ireland. We had the good fortune to get connected with you and Andrew Lambe at Euro-Wide Company Formations Ltd. and, unlike in years past, our clients and we were spared the sometimes tortuous jumping through hoops which setting up a company used to be! From our first contact with Euro-Wide until the final papers were signed and our client was able to go forth fully incorporated under Irish Law, we received quick and, most importantly, accurate responses to our every query, a thoughtful, complete and understandable guidance through the paperwork required to not only establish the company but also to open a “starter” bank account, and an obvious spirit of cooperation at every level. In the past I would have had the pleasure of meeting people at Euro-Wide personally by reason of having to go to Dublin to take care of our client’s business. The efficiency with which our needs were handled eliminated the necessity for such a trip, with is definitely not an altogether happy result!

We are pleased and comfortable with recommending Euro-Wide to any other person or group requiring corporate assistance, not only in Ireland, but elsewhere, as well. Please feel free to use this letter in any way you think best for the interests of your company.

Sincerely Yours,

Burnell S. Goodrich, Attorney at Law Texas / USA

As I was searching the web for a specialist in order to incorporate a new company in the UK, I found Euro Company Formations. I was not looking for the cheapest service but for a complete package (company + address + bank account + everything else that might be useful….). As I am an experienced user of internet, I needed to be comfortable with my incorporator, I needed someone available to answer all my questions, to be sure the solution I was looking for was the good solution for me. Marco, the person that I get in touch with at Euro Company Formations, answered clearly, Longley and, I believe, very honestly to all of my questions (and I had tons of questions). And at this time I was no engage with them nor did I promised I will deal with them. But finally we found very interesting solutions that fits my needs. And best of all, when I ask questions, now that I am a customer, I still get very fast, clear and complete answers! I’d definitely recommend Euro Company Formations to anyone who needs to set up a company and might need advices regarding the country, the kind of company … that would be the best solution for him.

Anonymous / France

We have been working with EURO COMPANY FORMATIONS for about 2 years. During this time we placed several orders for company formation services in different jurisdictions along with accounting services. All services were provided expertly – without delays or any other problems. We want to say thank you to Marco who worked with us all that time and provided us with full information and support in case of any questions.
With Regards,

Eric, IT Company / Russia.

I have used ECF for the purchase of a few companies, they are probably not the cheapest but they provide a fantastic service from start to finish. Always at hand to answer any queries you may have and giving you peace of mind. Highly recommended!!!

Michael C. / Marbella, Spain.

Euro Company Formations have acted as our adviser and provider of European Company formation and solutions provider for a number of years now. They have always been our first port of call for help and advice, for ourselves as well as Clients we advise. Furthermore, they have kept us up to date with any new developments and changes affecting small businesses of which we might otherwise not have been aware. The staff are always helpful and willing to seek advice from colleagues if further specialist knowledge is required. We have had no hesitation in recommending them to clients, friends and business colleagues when they have been looking for formation services in Europe and beyond and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Greg Connor/ United Kingdom

When I was planning to start my business, I contacted a few companies for help with business set-up. Euro Company Formations quickly became my number one choice as they were reasonably priced and I immediately received comprehensive and professional advice over the phone. They helped me with business registration as well as bank account opening. Never ever have I faced any miscommunication or misunderstanding issues. The company has knowledgeable, experienced and courteous staff. To say the least, I have decided to trust them with the running of my virtual office, and I am still very happy with their services. I strongly recommend Euro Company Formations if you are considering starting your business in Ireland.

Dr Paul Kaminski, Call A Locum Ltd /Ireland