Hungary Company Formation

Introduction to Registering a Company in Hungary can assist you in registering a company in Hungary. Registering a company in Hungary can not only benefit investors with low tax but also from geographic location, well-qualified workforce and free flow of capital and labour. Within the EU area, Hungary is the country with the lowest tax rates for foreign investors, along with Cyprus and Malta. Hungary is a full-fledged member of the EU. Budapest is emerging as a major European Business hub and represents great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business

NEW! From 01/01/2017 Hungary’s Corporate tax rate was reduced to a flat 9%, without limit. A Hungary company can be fully owned and controlled by international directors and shareholders. There is no requirement to appoint local shareholders and directors. 

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Why Hungary Company Formation?

Hungarian company formation is not perceived as an offshore corporate structure or a tax haven. Registering a corporate entity in Hungary has many advantages such as low (or in some cases none) capital gains and dividends tax. Hungary can also be an excellent jurisdiction for registering a holding company, as Dividends paid to any resident or non-resident person are legally tax-free. Paid royalties are considered expenditures and can be deducted from Hungary corporate profits. Withholding tax is 0%.

Requirements for Hungary Company Incorporation:

  • Only one shareholder and one director is required to fulfill Hungary company formation requirements. VAT registration is going along company registration,it is obtained within few days.
  • Most of the Hungarian companies are required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Corporate shareholders are permitted.
  • Registered address or virtual office required
  • Minimum share capital –  HUF 3.000.000 (appx €9600) – this needs to declared not deposited
  • An Accountant should be appointed prior to the company application (We can provide this)
  • Company should have Hungarian Bank account can register your company in Hungary in only 5 working days!

We can also assist you with a range of professional services through our associate office in Budapest, including Hungary Company Formation, VAT Registration in Hungary, Opening of Hungarian Bank Account, Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Taxation services, and domicile/registered office/serviced office in Hungary.

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