Austria Company Formation


Austria company formation is attracting foreign investors globally with its stable political system, skilled workforce and economy. Registering a company in Austria is relatively straightforward as investors can benefit from a transparent and flexible company registration process with a favourable legislation for opening new companies. Austria is a member of several international organisations among which the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation which investors can benefits with the guarantee of the best international standards. The standard corporate tax rate in Austria is 25%. Investors are also required to draw up the Articles of Association make the needed cash contributions to the share capital and enter the company in the company Register.

What is the most common type of company in Austria?

Limited Liability Company (Gmbh) is the preferred business form in Austria. It is a corporation with legal personality, separate from its founders. It requires a nominal capital of 35,000EUR and at least 17,500 EUR, shares can be transferred only by a notarized deed.

What other requirements are there for a Limited Liability Company-GmbH?

  • at least one shareholder
  • at least one managing director, who does not have to be an Austrian citizen
  • a local serviced office is advisable, but not a legal necessity.

What other types of company are there?

  • Stock Corporation (AG), minimum share capital 70,000EUR, establishment by only shareholder is permitted.
  • General Partnership (OG), unlimited liability for all partners, at least two shareholders required.
  • Limited Partnership (KG), unlimited liability for at least one partner, at least two shareholders required.
  • Private Corporation (GesbR), at least two shareholders required
  • Dormant Partnership (stG)
  • Registered Civil Law Partnership (EEG)
  • Societas Europea (SE)
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Foreign company branch or representative office

Benefits of company formation in Austria

  • Politically and Economically stable
  • Low corporate tax rate
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Reliable legal system
  • Double taxation treaties with most countries

How can I get more information on Austria company formation?

Austria attracts a wide range of foreign investors with its advanced economy, the economic infrastructure is based on the well-developed industry, the sector of banking, as well as transportation, services and commerce. Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss matters in greater detail, and register a company in Austria for you in the quickest possible timeframe.

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