Moving to the USA

Moving to the USA is considered as one of the most desirable destinations for relocation in the world, the USA holds a wealth of opportunity for employers and employees alike.

From short term work placements and intra company transfers, to permanent immigration and US citizenship, we offer an array of services for different types of client:

Are you looking for an investment opportunity, and seeking permanent residency in the USA with a route to obtaining a Green Card for you, your spouse and children? Are you a company looking to expand to the US, or an employer interested in transferring staff over to an affiliated company there?

We offer a broad range of services which include

  • Immigrant Investor Programs
  • Intra-company transfers
  • E-2 Visas – Treaty Investors

The E-2 visa classification allows a non-US national to gain conditional residency in the USA through investing a substantial amount of capital into a business there. An applicant may apply individually or through a qualifying employer, and may be overseas or already in the USA under lawful non-immigrant status whilst submitting their application.

What are the requirements?

  • The applicant must be a national of a USA treaty country
  • They must have invested, or be actively investing a substantial sum into a legitimate US enterprise – whether new or ready established
  • They must be able to show at least 50% ownership of the enterprise, or be in a position of senior managerial control
  • L-1A Visas – Intra-company transfer for Executives and Managers

This visa category enables an employer to transfer an executive over to the United States, from either a foreign office already affiliated with the US or with the intention of establishing an office there.

What are the requirements for employers?

  • The employer, who must petition on behalf of the applicant, must have a qualifying relationship with a foreign company.
  • The employer must currently or imminently partaking in business as an employer in the USA and at least one other country during the applicant’s stay in the United States.

What are the requirements for employees?

  • Employees must have been working for the business or organisation abroad for at least one unbroken year in the three years prior to their admission into the United States.
  • They should intend to enter the USA to provide services under a managerial or executive capability to a branch of the same employer, or one of its eligible businesses.

What US Visas are available?

  • Extraordinary Ability foreigners
  • Professional and Skilled Workers
  • Traders and Investors
  • Temporary workers
  • Fiancée’s, spouses, children and parents.

US Immigrant investor program: E-B5

If you are considering relocating to the United States and are able to invest $500,000, we have an extremely attractive opportunity in place – a direct route to obtaining a green card for you and your immediate family.

We offer a complete range of services. An investment opportunity already approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS). Immigration Services for the investor and their family.

Benefits of the EB-5

  • Permanent US residency for you, your spouse and children under 21
  • Fluency in English and business experience are not required
  • There are no age restrictions
  • You do not have to oversee your business on a daily basis – this allows you to manage your other business
  • interests, including those abroad
  • You are free to live anywhere within the United States, which includes you, your spouse and any children under 21
  • College fees are set at the same rates as U.S. citizens
  • After a two year conditional period offered by the program, you are able to apply for permanent US residency – a permanent green card
  • Five years after achieving green card status, you can become a fully naturalized U.S. citizen.
    The road to getting a green card

This step-by-step process involves

  • Making a $500,000 investment, plus administrative fee, in an approved program
  • Your legal advisors will submit your application to the US Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS)
  • At this point you are granted conditional US residency
  • You can then apply for removal of the conditional status after 21 months (in order to receive a permanent Green Card)
  • Five years after receiving a conditional green card an application for naturalization can be submitted.

There are two options when considering the EB-5 visa. The first is to make an investment into a government-approved Regional Centre in a targeted employment area, and the second is an investment visa, involving a larger investment into a new enterprise or generate funding for a struggling US business.

Investor Visa

This program reserves 10,000 Green Cards per year for those who invest at least US $1,000,000 into a new commercial business which creates ten or more full time employment positions for US nationals.


  • A new commercial business must be established, or funding injected into a troubled enterprise
  • A minimum investment of US $1,000,000 must be made
  • The investor must prove that the funds injected have been legally obtained
  • The stipulated number of full-time employment positions must have been created (a minimum of 10)
  • Under this category, the investor must actively participate in the day-to-day running of the business, under a managerial or directorial capacity
  • Regional Centres

A regional centre is an enterprise which has been designated by the USCIS – the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, in order to take on foreign investors. If a regional centre is situated within a targeted employment area, the minimum investment is US $500,000.

In order for a business to become approved by the USCIS as a regional centre, detailed business plans must be submitted outlining initiatives for economic growth and promotion of employment, to illustrate how the enterprise will create a positive effect on the US economy.

What else do we offer?

Alongside our set of immigration services, we also work in close conjunction with well-established US lawyers in order to broaden our spectrum, and provide an accompanying list of relevant and helpful services, which include but are not limited to

  • Tax
  • Real estate
  • Securities
  • Estate and probate administration
  • Litigation

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