Isle of Man Company Formation


Introduction to Isle of Man Company Registration

The Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea, between Ireland and Great Britain and is a self-governing kingdom; a British Crown dependency which does not belong either to the UK or the EU. Anyone considering an Isle of Man offshore company formation can rest assured that the Isle of Man definitely deserves its reputation for being one of the most stable and secure offshore havens in the world. The Isle of Man has strong banking, funds and financial services sectors. Foreign Investors are attracted by the taxation structure; there are no capital gains taxes, turnover tax or capital transfer tax, no stamp duties and low rates of income tax. The Isle of Man is not a full member of the European Union but has associate status. This allows Island-traders free trade with the rest of the community but no liability for financial contributions or eligibility for EU grants. Consequently the Isle of Man can be an ideal location to register a trading company requiring a genuine EU VAT number but also wanting full corporate tax exemption.

Advantages To Isle of Man Company Registration

  • Zero % Corporate Tax – As long as your company is not a property company or retailer earning more than £500,000 in the Isle of Man (which are taxed at 10%) there is a zero rate of corporate tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax – There is no tax to be paid on capital gain derived from the sale of any holdings
  • No Inheritance Tax – Making it a very tax efficient way of owning property
  • No withholding tax is paid on dividends payable to shareholders.

The Isle of Man is an open and compliant place to do business with a AA1 credit rating.
There are 2 main types of company formation on the Isle of Man. There is the old style company (A companies act 1931 company) and the newer more flexible company type (A companies act 2006 company).

How can I get more information on registering a company in the Isle of Man?

Please contact us and will be pleased to discuss your Isle of Man Company Registration in greater detail.