Gibraltar Company Formation

Introduction to Registering a Company in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, with a standard Corporate tax rate of only 10% (this increases to 20% for utility and fuel supply companies). Foreign investors often register a company in Gibraltar because of the favourable tax system and diverse workforce. Gibraltar has become a rival to the Silicon Valley and even US investors are drawn to Gibraltar because of the simplified company set up process. With access to the European single market, Gibraltar is considered one of the best countries to do business.

Strategically important, Gibraltar is a full member of the European Union but considered an offshore jurisdiction because it is a dependent territory of the United Kingdom. It does not participate in the common tariff and agricultural policy and does not levy Value Added Tax (VAT). The European Court of First instance recognised Gibraltar’s right to regulate its own tax regime in December 2008, which has further emphasised the attractiveness of Gibraltar as an excellent offshore jurisdiction.

What are the features and advantages to a Gibraltar Company Formation?

There is no requirement to disclose the identity of the Beneficial Owner of a Gibraltar Non-Resident Company and secrecy is guaranteed by legislation. Confidentiality in Gibraltar is taken very seriously. The main features and benefits of a Gibraltar offshore incorporation are as follows:

  • Non-resident companies are free of tax on income not derived from Gibraltar or not remitted to Gibraltar. (It is advised to have your bank account outside Gibraltar)
  • There is a minimum Share Capital of 100 British Pounds.
  • Non-resident corporations do not require more than one director
  • A director may be a natural person or a corporate entity.
  • Single Shareholder Company allowed
  • A resident secretary is required and can be provided by us.
  • There is a Public Register of Shares but Nominee Shareholders are generally used.

How do I proceed with registering a company in Gibraltar?

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